Nikki's TOEFL Preparation Course

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Don't waste your time trying to study alone.

The #1 mistake students make is trying to study for the TOEFL on their own. I can't tell you how many times I've had students call me and say "Nikki, I didn't get the score I needed."

With our TOEFL Preparation program, we help you develop a daily practice schedule, provide you with TOEFL exercises and practice tests so that you can prepare efficiently and effectively the FIRST time.

The strategies explained in our course are the EXACT strategies that our students used to get high scores such as 105 and 107 on the TOEFL. These students studied in top universities such as the University of Chicago and Oxford. 

“Nikki’s techniques helped me increase my TOEFL score from 80 to 106! Four months later I applied to the university of Chicago Law School and with this score I was admitted and now I’m going to Chicago thanks to Nikki. She is a very special person and teacher.”

-Gustavo Nicolau, University of Chicago Law Program

Exactly what you need.

Nikki's TOEFL Preparation Course

Buy Now for $97 USD

What's Included in T-School:

Strategies for all 4 sections

This course teaches you the exact strategies that our students have used to get 105-110 points on the TOEFL. 

Practice Tests

We provide you with over 10 practice tests so that you can practice with test-like conditions and be ready for the pressures of test day.

Video Lessons

Use the video lessons to help you strengthen your weaknesses. Lessons on grammar, vocabulary and test day tips available.

Private Community

Don't understand something? Have a question? Want to practice your speaking? Our exclusive Facebook group only for members is like having your own study group!.

“Nikki’s help on the speaking was certainly crucial for the score of 106 I got. Thank you again for everything!”

-Carolina Ferriera, Oxford University

How does the course work?

Step 1: Purchase the course for $97 USD using a credit card or Paypal

Step 2: Log on to the platform and start doing the video lessons immediately

Step 3: Do the practice exercises every day and find a practice buddy inside our private community

Step 4: If you feel like you want more personalized help, you can take private classes with Nikki at a discounted price

Step 5: Take the practice tests and prepare for your big day!

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“Recomiendo a English Exams with Nikki ampliamente, como la herramienta más adecuada para prepararse para el TOEFL. Con tan solo un mes de preparación, mediante la combinación de estrategias y ejercicios, logré obtener una calificación de 109, suficiente para ser aceptado en cualquier programa de postgrado.”

-Juan Diego Alvarado, University of Northern Texas

Always open!

You can access our online platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand you're busy and you may have to study at different times. No problem!

Completely Online

Our course is completely online, which means you don't have to drive anywhere to attend classes. The classes are pre-recorded and you can watch them at any time.

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Self-Study Course


14 modules

20 + Video Lessons

Online Exercises

7 Practice Tests

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Frequently Asked Questions

What day and time are the classes?

There are no live classes. This is a self-study course, which means you log on whenever it is convenient for you and watch the video lessons and do the exercises.

Is there feedback on speaking and writing exercises?

No. This is a self-study course, meaning you learn from the lessons and study on your own. If you'd like feedback, feedback packages and private classes are available for an additional cost.

What happens if I don't get the TOEFL score I need?

If you've taken the TOEFL before and then you take it again after completing all 14 modules of our course and you don't get a higher score, we will refund your money. 

What if I purchase the course and then I don't like it?

We have a 15 day money back guarantee. If you don't like the course after 15 days, we will give you a full refund and your money back on your card.

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